The Top 10 Thriller Novels You Need to Read Before the Year Ends!

I’m an author, but I’m a reader first. I love to read action, adventure novels. Because I’m in a bit of a holiday mood, I thought I’d throw a candy cane or two your way. These are (I think anyway) the top ten thrillers out there that you may not have come across because they’re not necessarily right at the top of the Amazon algorithms. They are tons of great books published these days on Amazon (and elsewhere) that are wonderful, well written stories that can kind of get lost in the shuffle sometimes. So anyway, Here are ten great books you might want to check out, because you know you’re going to want to curl up in front of the fire next to the Christmas tree and get lost in a  good thriller at some point in the next few weeks…



A thrilling tale of global espionage, state-of-the-art technology, and unthinkable betrayal. A hyper-fast quantum computer is the digital equivalent of a nuclear bomb; whoever possesses one will be able to shred any encryption and break any code in existence. The winner of the race to build the world’s first quantum machine will attain global dominance for generations to come. The question is, who will cross the finish line first: the U.S. or China?

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Elvis and Joe are back! This time they join forces with “SUSPECT” heroes Scott James and his K9 partner Maggie. Elvis is hired to find a woman who’s disappeared, a seemingly ordinary case, until he learns the missing woman is an explosives expert and worked for a Defense Department contractor. Meanwhile, Scott and Maggie, track a fugitive to a house filled with explosives—and a dead body. As helicopters swirl overhead, they come face-to-face with Mr. Rollins, a man who leaves behind a savagely murdered body, enough explosives to destroy the neighborhood, and a disturbing connection to the missing woman. Scott is now the only person who can identify Mr. Rollins, but Mr. Rollins has a rule: Never leave a witness alive.

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Former Suffolk County cop Gus Murphy returns to prowl the meaner streets of Long Island’s darkest precincts with a Russian mercenary at his back in the stunning second installment of Reed Farrel Coleman’s critically acclaimed, Edgar-nominated series. Gus Murphy and his girlfriend, Magdalena, are put in harm’s way when Gus is caught up in the distant aftershocks of heinous crimes committed decades ago in Vietnam and Russia. Gus’s ex-priest pal, Bill Kilkenny, introduces him to a wealthy businessman anxious to have someone look more deeply into the brutal murder of his granddaughter. Though the police already have the girl’s murderer in custody, they have been unable to provide a reason for the killing. The businessman, Spears, offers big incentives if Gus can supply him with what the cops cannot—a motive.

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The Hotel Danvers looms high above the narrow streets of Portland, Oregon. Imposing and ornate, the Victorian building hides its share of dark secrets—as does the family that owns it. London Danvers disappeared almost twenty years ago. The youngest child of hotel tycoon Witt Danvers—and the only child with his second wife, Kat—London hasn’t been seen since. Over time, many women have claimed to be the long-lost heiress. Adria Nash is the latest. But from the moment Zachary Danvers sees her, he believes Adria is different. For one thing, Adria looks just like Zachary’s former stepmother. For another, Adria knows personal details only London could have known. 

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In this fast-paced, riveting thriller, former FBI agent and current private investigator Lauren Pauling receives a mysterious message saying Jack Reacher is dead. The body of a man was found and in his pocket was a toothbrush and an ATM card with the name Jack Reacher. Soon, Pauling is on the hunt for a killer and the case quickly collides with Michael Tallon, who is looking into the disappearance of young woman.  Pauling and Tallon are thrown into a sordid world of drug traffickers and professional killers. As Pauling tries to solve the mystery of the dead man who may or may not be Jack Reacher, she finds herself a target in a complex web of murder, betrayal and vengeance.

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It’s better to be the hunter instead of the hunted. A horrific Bombing rocks the quaint streets of London’s West Brompton neighborhood and Max Austin finds himself the target of an international manhunt the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since the hunt for Osama bin Laden. The former KGB assassin must put his fight against the consortium on hold while he seeks redemption. As Max chases the bomber from the gritty streets of London through the lush Spanish countryside and into the treacherous mountains of Chechnya, he’s plunged into a high stakes game of chess with a wily MI6 agent determined to catch him at all costs. Can Max find the terrorist and clear his name before it’s too late?

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Darkness can’t hide in the shadows forever. Facing serious accusations voiced by President Michaels, Brady Hawk goes dark, disappearing in the Middle East. However, when he reconnects with a friend from his Navy Seal days, Hawk learns the true depth of Michaels’ depravity and resolves to put an end to it once and for all. Working remotely with the Firestorm team, Hawk must gather evidence against the president in preparation for a confrontation. But when his plan goes awry, Hawk must call on every favor and get resourceful to salvage his ultimate mission—and survive the wrath of the president.

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Imagine Bin Laden meets Bernie Madoff. A mysterious summons lures Kyle Achilles to a midnight meeting that shocks the world and sets a master plan in motion. Meanwhile, his former partner also enters a terrible trap. It’s ingenious and unprecedented, but just a hint of what’s to follow. Achilles and Jo join forces against the cunning culprit, but time is tight and the pressure is great. The Russian is not just making millions with his clever crimes—he’s waging war on the United States.

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While investigating the hit-and-run death of a young boy, Seattle homicide detective Tracy Crosswhite makes a startling discovery: the suspect is an active-duty serviceman at a local naval base. After a key piece of case evidence goes missing, he is cleared of charges in a military court. But Tracy knows she can’t turn her back on this kind of injustice. When she uncovers the driver’s ties to a rash of recent heroin overdoses in the city, she realizes that this isn’t just a case of the military protecting its own. It runs much deeper than that, and the accused wasn’t acting alone. For Tracy, it’s all hitting very close to home.

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In this thrilling final chapter of The Disruption Trilogy, R. E. McDermott once again transports us to a frighteningly realistic post-apocalyptic world of chaos and uncommon courage, and of both hope and despair. When a massive solar storm takes down the power grid, all order collapses with civilization kept alive only by scattered pockets of survivors who find themselves not only short of critical resources, but facing an unexpected enemy — what’s left of their own government.

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Confessions of a Non-Fiction hack… (Or how I allowed my inner novelist to flourish…)

I’ve wanted to be a writer for a very long time. But only in the last few years have I gotten around to it.

My grandfather John S. Richards was the head librarian for the city of Seattle, Washington many years ago.

Struggling in school with a learning disability, no one quite knew what to do with me. Except him. He would give me books to read and then offhandedly ask me to write up a brief explanation of what I thought of them when I was done.

He basically tricked me into writing book reports for him.


I loved every minute of it. The books he gave me were not like the boring, dry, encyclopedic crap they were trying to get me to read over at the stinking school (I had no idea why they wanted me to keep showing up to that place, it seemed like such a waste of time to me…)

No, these books were about people having amazing, exciting adventures…

Books like “Call of the Wild” by Jack London, “Treasure Island” by Robert Louise Stevenson and “The Adventures of Tom Swift” by Victor Appleton.

I was mesmerized by these tome’s and I couldn’t wait to write the response to my Grandfather every other week or so. As I wrote, a small ember started to flicker in the back of my mind. What if… just what if, someday I could write stories like the ones I’d been reading?

Fast forward…  I did, in fact manage to graduate from High School by the skin of my teeth. Then off into the harsh reality of real life. Jobs, a wife, kids. Scrabbling for the almighty dollar.

It wasn’t until many years later that the idea of writing came back to me as a real-world possibility.

I had been on the periphery of a major law suit at the company where I worked. Nothing of my own doing thankfully, but I was asked to give several depositions. I wrote a long and detailed explanation of what I had  witnessed and after words my boss complimented me on the fact that she thought the piece had been very well written.

“You know,” I thought to myself, “why don’t I give it a try?”

I started slowly and with very little confidence. I didn’t think I was up to writing a novel, so I decided to try Non-Fiction and began writing books about the Law of Attraction and living a life of simple mindfulness.

I was interested in these subjects but by no means could you call me an expert in them. After a year or so and five or six short Non-Fiction books published on Amazon, (most of which I have since un-published) A friend of mine asked me during a conversation:

“Doesn’t writing Non-Fiction sort of feel like you’re bullshitting your way through a term paper”?

After thinking about it for a while I decided that yes, in fact, that’s exactly what it felt like.

I didn’t like the feeling.

So… Finally, after much soul searching and asking myself if I was truly ready for this, I decided to write a Novel.

I started by taking several of my own real-world experiences and writing them out in the form of a story. (If you read “The Paradise Order” you’ll have to see if you can figure out which ones are based on those experiences and which ones are complete fiction)

The result, honestly turned out to be a hodge-podge of short stories and vignettes.

The writing itself was ok but this was decidedly not what anyone would call a novel.

I took a deep breath and put the manuscript aside.

Life got in the way for a while, as it often does and so it was several months later that I gritted my teeth and decided “That’s it!” I’m going to turn this thing into a book.

After hiring a developmental editor and working like a rented mule through multiple very painful and gut-wrenching re-writes. An actual novel began to take shape.

Long story short now, here in late 2017 I’m a Novelist, an actual writer. Hell, it only took me 35 years…

If I get going, I’ll be able to pound the next one out in half the time!

Stay tuned to this space because the book is going to be on Pre-Sale in very short order.

(There’s been a slight glitch in the proceedings because my cover designer lives in Florida and she’s been run over by two Hurricanes lately so she’s running a little behind schedule. I’ve decided to go ahead and accept her excuse) 🙂

Talk soon

Cary David Richards

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